Tips to Start an Animal Rescue – How to Open an Animal Shelter

Tips to Start an Animal Rescue - How to Open an Animal Shelter
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Opening an animal shelter needs preliminary planning, constructing refuges, and a fundraising campaign. Further, before opening an animal shelter or animal rescue, the following questions should keep in mind:

  • The first one is to decide what kind of animals a person wants to rescue?
  • The second one is how many animals should a person shelters?

Steps for Opening an Animal Shelter or a Rescue:

  1. Make a business plan because most animal shelters are non-profitable.
  2. Arrange proper facilities and equipment for rescuing animals.
  3. Hire the right people as volunteers.
  4. Make your social media account and through that contact with people for collecting donations.
  5. Develop a collaborative network with other shelters.
  6. Do some events on a weekly or monthly bases to raise animal protection awareness.

How to Start an Animal Shelter or a Rescue Business?

A perfect business idea is essential for starting an animal shelter or a rescue. For a prosperous business, a person should have patience and animal handling skills. Further, the team must hold strong fundraising skills. Make a legal entity and register your business for taxes. Acquire mandatory licenses from animal sheltering authority. Get business insurance, which will provide financial assistance to the company in case of loss. The second thing is the adoption fees. It changes according to animal type and veterinary costs.


Animal TypeAverage Cost
Cats25 to 50$
Horses250 to 500$
Rabbits25 to 75$
Penguin500 to 700$
Dogs120 to 200$

How to Open a Shelter in India?

There are millions of homeless animals in India. So, starting an animal rescue in India may become a prosperous business in the future. However, for opening shelters, there must need to take permission from the government. Legal liberty or certificate is necessary for this business. Moreover, a certificate of occupancy too required for this purpose.

Cost to Start an animal shelter:

At the start, it seems a costly business. As many new things needed for this purpose, such as medical facilities, sleeping areas or bedding, covering grills or cages, food, etc. The average cost for sheltering a dog is 500 to 1000$. Further, the total cost of animal supplies like bowls, food, toys, and leashes are around about 1000 dollars. So it becomes impossible to regulate a shelter home for animals without any aid or funding. A dedicated campaign for fundraising and legal support by the government authorities make it easy.

An Animal Sanctuary:

Animal sanctuaries are essential for showing love and care for animals. These sanctuaries provide a better platform for loving animals. Animals feel free to live in these sanctuaries. No unessential boundaries stop them, to move, to enjoy, or to play. A lot of affection makes them loyal to their owners.

Some training also given in some places about how to start an animal sanctuary? How to live with them? How to love and trained them? People adopt pet animals and make sanctuaries in their homes. Animals feel free to move and to play in those homes. Moreover, people offer the same natural habitat as in which they are living.

Grants to Start an Animal Rescue:

It proves helpful for starting a new animal rescue. Many well-known organizations provide grants on a large scale for this purpose. These organizations take responsibility to regulate deserving shelters. It mostly gives to non-profitable animal welfare organizations. Grants also provided for pet-accessible housing strategies. Usually, it ranges from 500 to 10,000 dollars. Further, it based on the animals’ range and type. So it becomes reasonable to start an animal rescue with grants.

Do You Need a License to Rescue Animals?

It depends on the animal category and area rules, where someone is going to make an animal shelter or a rescue. In some countries, it’s a law to take a license for animal rescue. However, it is necessary to take legal permission from the government.

Further, there are many benefits of having a license rescue as follow:

  • Licensed prevents animals from many diseases like rabies. These animals get the facility of vaccination.
  • Many countries provide the facility of free ride home to licensed animals. It means if any animal moves away from its rescue, animals dealing with organizations return them to their homes. It becomes life-saving for rescue animals.
  • A licensed rescue gets grants, funds, and many other facilities by different organizations. So it saves money.

How to Get into Animal Rescue?

Before getting or moving into animal rescue, a person should have valuable experience in dealing with animals. Only a trained and experienced person should allow getting into an animal rescue. Because of the following reasons:

He knows how to treat them affectionately

He knows how to keep them calmly

He knows how to feed them

Owners of Animal Shelters Earn Money?

Owners of animal shelters are responsible for animals caring in all aspects. It depends on the shelter type. Is it a private or government base? If shelters administrated by the Municipal Committee of the city, then the government-owned them. In case shelters administrated by private organizations, then their owners earn money.

Final Verdict:

Opening an animal shelter provides a safer life to stray animals. It also becomes a prosperous business for animal-loving people. Further, grants make it easy to administrate an animal shelter or rescue. Animals feel free and secure while living in shelters.

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